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RGBa makes a great debugging tool

With 24 Ways pushing RGBa into the foreground today, I thought I’d share a quick debugging tip. Using RGBa can help while you’re debugging element positioning. For the adventurous, combine with a debug class:
.debug {
  background: rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.5);

Fixed positioning in Mobile Safari

11/16/2010: It’s been a long time since my fixed positioning script was released. I’m very pleased that it was the precursor for much more robust solutions to this problem. Please continue on if you’d like to read through the history of this hack. If you’re looking for a real-world solution please take a look at [...]

Flow 1.0.2

I just pushed release 1.0.2 out the door.
Bug fix:
Flow will no longer choke with SWFObject.
Early this morning I received a report about Flow not playing nicely with SWFObject. After debugging, it turned out it was a case of doing too much.
SWFObject correctly cleans up after itself in IE by removing its generated code on unload. [...]

Introducing Flow

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for months now. For the past several months I’ve been spending my free time toiling over a personal project of mine.
It started with Dean Edwards and his release of the Base2 library. It scratched an itch that I’ve had for years: I wanted the ability to [...]

Pickleview 1.0

I’m proud to announce that we’ve just crossed this significant milestone. After weeks of crunching bugs and rolling out update after update, Pickleview is officially a 1.0 release.
What started as a simple itch to scratch has turned into a full-fledged iPhone application, used by true honest-to-goodness people. Really!
The feedback has been nothing short of spectacular. [...]


I want to talk a little bit about a side project that’s gleefully taken up most of my free time.
Over the weekend I attended iPhoneDevCamp, a gathering of web geeks from around the globe with one purpose: to create applications for iPhone.
I went into the event with little-to-no expectation of anything happening. It being my [...]

HTML vs. XHTML: Which is better?

If you are a client-side developer, this question has without a doubt been a topic of discussion. Should you use HTML, or XHTML? Does it matter? The answer is quite verbose, and takes a lot of consideration to determine:

Firebug bundle for TextMate

My two most indispensable web development tools are Firebug and TextMate. I’m sure the same goes for many web developers the world round. Firebug brings with it a complete set of debuggers and problem-solvers that is unrivaled by any other application. And TextMate is the little text editor that could (and does). It’s versatility is [...]