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Apple’s shiny new USB installer icon

Download it here.

Quick Compile SASS with Compass + TextMate

I’ve created a tiny TextMate bundle to quickly compile SASS into CSS. The bundle uses a SASS_DIR variable unique to your project pointing to your SASS directory. Here’s how to set it up:

For best results, install the SCSS + Zen bundle beforehand.
Download and install the Quick Compile bundle.
In your project drawer, select the “i” icon [...]

Add to your Twitter homepage with Greasemonkey / GreaseKit

For those using either Greasemonkey or GreaseKit, I threw together a quick script to add the interface in your Twitter homepage: / Twitter Integrator
Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like for reference:

Pickleview shuts down

It had a good run there for a few months. I don’t need to tell you about MLB’s At Bat app do I? It’s the better (and free) alternative, and I can’t really compete with baseball’s integrated setup.
My thanks to the founders, wherever you are. That was a great weekend.

Fixed positioning in Mobile Safari

11/16/2010: It’s been a long time since my fixed positioning script was released. I’m very pleased that it was the precursor for much more robust solutions to this problem. Please continue on if you’d like to read through the history of this hack. If you’re looking for a real-world solution please take a look at [...]

Pickleview 1.5

Ahh, smell that? It’s the sultry scent of Major League Baseball returning at last!
After a furious weekend of code, I’ve pushed out Pickleview 1.5. What’s new? I fixed bugs, updated settings, added features and threw on a fresh coat of paint.
The improved Pickleview takes advantage of some minor iPhone goodies, and preps itself for the [...]


It’s been a while, but you know the drill: Long hours + Longer todo lists = No time to post.
To kick off 2008, myself and fellow blogger/nerd/geek Micah Cambre sat ourselves down and podcasted for the very first time. It was simultaneously thilling and horrifying. You can find our labor of love at Please [...]

Fumble U

So I’ve been hard at work on side projects and regular work, but not busy enough to continue my love affair with iPhone.
Hot on the heels of the Fumbleview beta release comes Fumble U. It suffers from the same quirky bugs as its big brother, but it’s very stable.
I had decided to wait until Fumbleview [...]