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Flow 1.1

And just like that, a new update. Several small fixes worthy of a point upgrade:

Switched QuerySelector engine to Sizzle 1.0
querySelector/querySelectorAll can now be run on any element (via Selectors API)
IE 8 does not like setAttribute on type elements. Reverting to DOM 1 method.
Fixed minor assertion bug in Require.js

Flow 1.0.8

A tiny update that fixes IE 8 browser identification. It previously incorrectly identified IE 8 as IE 5.

Breaking out of a forEach loop

An email going around the client-side mailing list at Schematic casually mentioned forEach loops. The sender liked them, but tended to avoid them because there was no way to break out of one.
Naturally, this sent me on the hunt to see if it was at all possible. A furious Google search led me to a [...]

Flow 1.0.2

I just pushed release 1.0.2 out the door.
Bug fix:
Flow will no longer choke with SWFObject.
Early this morning I received a report about Flow not playing nicely with SWFObject. After debugging, it turned out it was a case of doing too much.
SWFObject correctly cleans up after itself in IE by removing its generated code on unload. [...]