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HTML vs. XHTML: Which is better?

If you are a client-side developer, this question has without a doubt been a topic of discussion. Should you use HTML, or XHTML? Does it matter? The answer is quite verbose, and takes a lot of consideration to determine:

Review: Bulletproof Ajax

Having previously declared my undying love for all things Jeremy Keith (that sounded straighter in my head, I swear),  now comes word of Jeremy’s call-to-action.
…Bulletproof Ajax is not a book for seasoned server-side developers. It’s for front-end coders who already know markup and CSS with perhaps a smattering of JavaScript. If that sounds like [...]

Firebug bundle for TextMate

My two most indispensable web development tools are Firebug and TextMate. I’m sure the same goes for many web developers the world round. Firebug brings with it a complete set of debuggers and problem-solvers that is unrivaled by any other application. And TextMate is the little text editor that could (and does). It’s versatility is [...]

Show love to the <body> element

As you begin to wireframe your next big web thing, it’s a good idea to keep this in mind. The body element can be styled just like any other element.
Let’s get a disclaimer out of the way: I am a markup purist at heart. There’s nothing that tugs at my heartstrings than well-structured markup. So [...]

Cross-browser opacity

With the rapid proliferation of IE 7, I think a closer look at cross-browser opacity is needed.
Please note that I’m not talking about image-based opacity, but rather opacity on any given element. There are articles on image opacity that are still relevant to today’s browsers.
The current favorite method is a combo opacity/filter fix to placate [...]

A tip on avoiding innerHTML

Not that innerHTML should be avoided at all cost, but I’m currently in a purist kinda mood. Generally I like to avoid proprietary functions whenever possible. Now, sometimes it just makes sense to dip into Microsoft’s old trick-bag and pull this out.
Anyway, as I was making my way through Jeremy Keith’s amazing book, Bulletproof Ajax, [...]