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Apple’s shiny new USB installer icon

Download it here.

Quick Compile SASS with Compass + TextMate

I’ve created a tiny TextMate bundle to quickly compile SASS into CSS. The bundle uses a SASS_DIR variable unique to your project pointing to your SASS directory. Here’s how to set it up:

For best results, install the SCSS + Zen bundle beforehand.
Download and install the Quick Compile bundle.
In your project drawer, select the “i” icon [...]

Substitute :last-child for :first-child for IE 7 support

Consider the following:
ul li {
   display: inline;
   margin-right: 10px;
   padding-right: 10px;
   border-right: 1px solid red;
ul li:last-child {
   margin-right: 0;
   padding-right: 0;
   border-right: 0;
This bit of CSS would give you perfect line separators in IE8+. But since IE 7 supports the :first-child pseudo-class, we can do one better:
ul li {
   display: inline;
   margin-left: 10px;
   padding-left: 10px;

Add to your Twitter homepage with Greasemonkey / GreaseKit

For those using either Greasemonkey or GreaseKit, I threw together a quick script to add the interface in your Twitter homepage: / Twitter Integrator
Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like for reference:

RGBa makes a great debugging tool

With 24 Ways pushing RGBa into the foreground today, I thought I’d share a quick debugging tip. Using RGBa can help while you’re debugging element positioning. For the adventurous, combine with a debug class:
.debug {
  background: rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.5);

Flow 1.1

And just like that, a new update. Several small fixes worthy of a point upgrade:

Switched QuerySelector engine to Sizzle 1.0
querySelector/querySelectorAll can now be run on any element (via Selectors API)
IE 8 does not like setAttribute on type elements. Reverting to DOM 1 method.
Fixed minor assertion bug in Require.js

Flow 1.0.8

A tiny update that fixes IE 8 browser identification. It previously incorrectly identified IE 8 as IE 5.

Pickleview shuts down

It had a good run there for a few months. I don’t need to tell you about MLB’s At Bat app do I? It’s the better (and free) alternative, and I can’t really compete with baseball’s integrated setup.
My thanks to the founders, wherever you are. That was a great weekend.