Monthly Archives: June 2009

Flow 1.1

And just like that, a new update. Several small fixes worthy of a point upgrade:

Switched QuerySelector engine to Sizzle 1.0
querySelector/querySelectorAll can now be run on any element (via Selectors API)
IE 8 does not like setAttribute on type elements. Reverting to DOM 1 method.
Fixed minor assertion bug in Require.js

Flow 1.0.8

A tiny update that fixes IE 8 browser identification. It previously incorrectly identified IE 8 as IE 5.

Pickleview shuts down

It had a good run there for a few months. I don’t need to tell you about MLB’s At Bat app do I? It’s the better (and free) alternative, and I can’t really compete with baseball’s integrated setup.
My thanks to the founders, wherever you are. That was a great weekend.