Flow 1.0.2

I just pushed release 1.0.2 out the door.

Bug fix:

Flow will no longer choke with SWFObject.

Early this morning I received a report about Flow not playing nicely with SWFObject. After debugging, it turned out it was a case of doing too much.

SWFObject correctly cleans up after itself in IE by removing its generated code on unload. The conflict appears because Flow does the same with its code, going as far as eliminating all extended element properties.

So when SWFObject tried to removeChild, it returned null because Flow extends that property, and by the time SWFObject got to it, it was already wiped out.

Flow now merely restores an extended property back to its original implementation, rather than nullifying the property. This will fix the error.


dispatchEvent is now implemented in Flow. You can use it to fire events on elements from another element. Confusing? Here’s an example:

var test = document.getById("test");
test.addEventListener("click", function() {
    // console.log(this.id);
}, false);
document.getById("dispatcher").addEventListener("click", function() {
}, false);

You can pass any event type and it will fire all events coupled with that type.

As usual, you can download the Flow framework at http://flowjs.com

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