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So I’ve been hard at work on side projects and regular work, but not busy enough to continue my love affair with iPhone.

Hot on the heels of the Fumbleview beta release comes Fumble U. It suffers from the same quirky bugs as its big brother, but it’s very stable.

I had decided to wait until Fumbleview reached 1.0 before releasing another app, but fortunately for me it only took a fraction of what I thought it would to tie into the college football database. It was still a minor feat, since there are a metric ass-ton of division 1-A teams. Ultimately I had to devise a method to fit all top 25 teams in the limited space I have.

Focus will switch to Fumbleview until I tie up its loose ends. Afterwards it should be a simple process to catch Fumble U up.

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  1. Brant
    November 28, 2007
    1:45 pm


    I was wondering if you were planning on or already working on a live scoring app like pickleview, fumbleview, or ufumbleview…but for basketball like NBA and NCAA. Please get back to me.


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