Pickleview 1.0

I’m proud to announce that we’ve just crossed this significant milestone. After weeks of crunching bugs and rolling out update after update, Pickleview is officially a 1.0 release.

What started as a simple itch to scratch has turned into a full-fledged iPhone application, used by true honest-to-goodness people. Really!

The feedback has been nothing short of spectacular. We’ve received tons of praise and we’ve listened to your feedback, sometimes pushing out updates within hours of suggestions. A gigantic thank you to everyone who pushed us to keep upping the ante.

An extra amount of thanks to Major League Baseball and Twitter, the entities responsible for providing us data. Without them Pickleview would not exist.

To commemorate this milestone, I’m happy to say that we’re releasing the Pickleview code under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. You are free to learn from it, distribute and modify (as long as you share alike). View the source here. Thanks to the good folk at iPhoneWebDev for hosting our files. We’re hoping it becomes the repository for open-source iPhone web applications.

Lastly, stay tuned. We’ve got things in the works, gears are grinding, and overtime is being spent.

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