A game of Chicken

Shamelessly stolen from iSee:

[Dramatic reenactment]
Adobe: So, you want the flash player on your new phone, eh?
Steve: Yep.
Adobe: OK, that’ll be 5% of retail sales.
Steve: Ah, no.
Adobe: OK, 2.5%, bottom line.
Steve: Look, we can release this device without the Flash player at all.
Adobe: No way, we rule dynamic content on the web–if you want to give people the “real web” you’ve got to play ball.
Steve [to the public]: Develop using Web 2.0, Flash Player will suck your battery so it’s really better that you don’t have FP. [applies Reality Distortion Field].
Public: [Buys 1,000,000 phones in the first week]
Adobe: Ah, Steve? Steve? Are you there?
Steve: Hmm, oh it’s you. Can I help you with something?
Adobe: Ah, how’s about $5/unit.
Steve [Applying RDF]: *You think it would be strategic to offer the Flash Player for free on the iPhone.*
Adobe: Ah… We’ve decided it would be strategic to offer the player for free on iPhones… [blinks a few times, regains focus]. But you’ve got to pay for the development and maintenance.
Steve: Already done.

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