My iPhone Adventure

The first thing I should let you know is that I am posting this from my brand new iPhone.

The second thing I should let you know is that I would do it all over again.

The level of enthusiasm in that line last night was absolutely off the charts. It completely invalidates the notion that Apple geeks are immature, pathetic or vicious. I could not have met a more amazing cavalry of people last night. Each united for a single purpose. A vast majority had never seen each other before yesterday. Yet minutes after joining the line, you’d have thought long lost brothers were reunited.

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Back on my PowerBook, and my story begins around 1:00pm PST. I was planning on showing up to my local Apple Store around 3:00pm or so. But a quick search around the ‘net quickly changed my mind, as I saw scores of people lined up all over the U.S. As flashes of “iPhone — Sold Out” signs whizzed past my thoughts, I raced over to the Glendale Apple Store, hoping to see ~50 or so fans in line. And that’s what I ended up seeing. As I settled behind the last person in line, he turned around, smiled a bit, and pointed towards the segmented line down the mall. Embarrassed, I apologized and made my way down another ~50 people… and another ~50 people. Eventually I landed at the true end of the line: outside, in the parking lot, 165 people away from an iPhone.

It turns out I didn’t need to spend five hours in line as there were plenty to go around. But had I waltzed in and waltzed out I would have missed five hours talking all things Apple with fellow Apple brethren. The experience would not have come close to the fun I had yesterday as we discussed the latest and greatest, and Apple’s next move. (Incidentally, nearly everyone said they’d be there for the Leopard launch).

I got my iPhone around an hour after they went on sale. Fittingly, the seven of us who bonded the most got to walk into the Apple Store as a group to massive cheers from Apple customers and Apple employees alike.

And like hundreds of thousands of us, I raced home immediately and ripped open the packaging. Aside from the need to update to 10.4.10, there were no iPhone horror stories emanating from my house. Five minutes into the activation and I was ready to go. AT&T confirmed just minutes later and I placed my first call, as nervous as my first Christmas to a groggy sister in Los Angeles.

She was not it the mood to talk.

This experience is why I am an Apple fan. Say what you will, Apple “gets” it. Apple “gets” us, the consumer as well. It’s the experience, Corporate America. iPhone Adventuredigg:My iPhone Adventure

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