Seattle will have to wait.

If you’re one of the three people who actually read my previous post, I either know you in real life, or you’ve scouted me for a possible job opportunity. In either case, thanks for viewing!

In my last post, I expressed my newly kindled love of the wonderful city of Seattle. I was absolutely awestruck by its bustling art community, it’s very unique architecture, and it’s overall diversity.

But Seattle will have to wait.

See, I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks, wherein I’ve explored other avenues of employment. I interviewed for a few companies; some you know, some you don’t. The whole experience was both exciting and frightening. When you start the job hunt, several areas of your persona are thrust to the spotlight. Mainly, you have to place a value on your offered skills, a daunting task for anyone in that position.

Fortunately for me, there was a company that believed enough in my abilities to offer me a more-than-flattering offer. And so I am happy to say that I have accepted a position as a Senior Software Developer at Schematic.

My role at Schematic will revolve around front-end code, i.e., XHTML, CSS, DOM scripting, and web standards in general. It’s a position I’ve been dreaming of for a while, so I am truly excited at the opportunity.

Sadly, this puts the dream of a Seattle move on the back-burner. I won’t kid myself: I’m definitely a little bummed about that. For the past few months, I convinced myself that my next move was the Seattle move. But for now, I’ll consider it a dream yet to come true. An amazing opportunity came along that I absolutely need to pursue. It will allow me to interact with peers among my chosen field, as well as allow me to work for an impressive company.

And hey, Seattle would make a great retirement village. :) will have to wait.digg:Seattle will have to wait.

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