Monthly Archives: August 2007

Support all mobiles? Start implementing standards and I will.

I’ll keep this short, as this comes down to very simple points.
I don’t block anyone from visiting Pickleview or Fumbleview. You can view it in any browser, mobile or desktop. I don’t sniff for iPhone, and lock out others. I don’t do any special CSS magic to block it from view. Rather, you get a [...]

30 (Yes, thirty) runs on Pickleview

I had to snap a few screenshots of this one. Today the Texas Rangers set a modern-day record by scoring an eye-popping 30 runs in a nine-inning ballgame. Worse news: It was game 1 of a doubleheader.


The absolute #1 most hardcore requested feature for Pickleview wasn’t related to Pickleview at all. I received so many pleas for Pickleview: Football Edition, there really was no way I wasn’t going to do it.
Introducing Fumbleview. I’ve been hard at work on it for a few weeks now, but like its predecessor I am releasing [...]


Hank is forever the champ.

Pickleview 1.0

I’m proud to announce that we’ve just crossed this significant milestone. After weeks of crunching bugs and rolling out update after update, Pickleview is officially a 1.0 release.
What started as a simple itch to scratch has turned into a full-fledged iPhone application, used by true honest-to-goodness people. Really!
The feedback has been nothing short of spectacular. [...]