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Happiness is…

A quick screenshot from Pickleview’s Mint. If only the world agreed.

Make your Mint iPhone friendly

So, Mint. It works beautifully on iPhone, but having two columns on a 320px wide screen leaves much to be desired. Mint’s preferences has an option to “Enable single-column mode”, but I’d like to keep Mint’s great multi-column view on my desktop Mac. Wouldn’t it be great to have Mint display full multi-columns on browsers, [...]


I want to talk a little bit about a side project that’s gleefully taken up most of my free time.
Over the weekend I attended iPhoneDevCamp, a gathering of web geeks from around the globe with one purpose: to create applications for iPhone.
I went into the event with little-to-no expectation of anything happening. It being my [...]

A game of Chicken

Shamelessly stolen from iSee:
[Dramatic reenactment]
Adobe: So, you want the flash player on your new phone, eh?
Steve: Yep.
Adobe: OK, that’ll be 5% of retail sales.
Steve: Ah, no.
Adobe: OK, 2.5%, bottom line.
Steve: Look, we can release this device without the Flash player at all.
Adobe: No way, we rule dynamic content on the web–if you want to give [...]

Easy punctuation with iPhone

Ok, this is too awesome not to share. You know the annoying way you have to tab into the punctuation layout to type a period? This required no less than three keystrokes (Tab into layout, hit “.”, Tab out (or hit space)).
Save those keystrokes! Just hold down the “.?123″ button, and slide your finger over [...]

Fixing a small iPhone annoyance…

Update 06/16/2009: With the release of iPhone OS 3.0, this tip is no longer necessary. With 3.0, simply tap and hold any link to bring up an option to, among others, “Open in New Page”. I’ll leave this up for posterity, and for those of you that have not upgraded yet.
After experiencing and thoroughly enjoying [...]