Monthly Archives: June 2007

My iPhone Adventure

The first thing I should let you know is that I am posting this from my brand new iPhone.
The second thing I should let you know is that I would do it all over again.
The level of enthusiasm in that line last night was absolutely off the charts. It completely invalidates the notion that Apple [...]

A recent conversation with Verizon

Me: Hello, I’ll be canceling my account towards the end of the month, and I want to make sure my transition will be smooth.
Verizon customer service rep: Ok, may I ask who you are switching to?
Me: AT&T.
CSR: Oh. And can I ask why you’re switching?
Me: The iPhone.
CSR: …oh.
You’ve never heard a more speechless customer [...]

Remote 1.1

I’ve just updated my Remote script to version 1.1
New in this version:

Faster, safer implementation of callback functions
Now supports uploading files via Ajax(ish)

Check out the sample code for more.