Monthly Archives: April 2007

Remote: A cross-browser XHR/JSON function.

I grew tired of re-scripting my remote calls, so I’ve built a global function that can handle whatever I throw at it.
Remote is a global, lightweight XHR/JSON function, designed to handle cross-browser remote scripting.

HTML vs. XHTML: Which is better?

If you are a client-side developer, this question has without a doubt been a topic of discussion. Should you use HTML, or XHTML? Does it matter? The answer is quite verbose, and takes a lot of consideration to determine:

Review: Bulletproof Ajax

Having previously declared my undying love for all things Jeremy Keith (that sounded straighter in my head, I swear),  now comes word of Jeremy’s call-to-action.
…Bulletproof Ajax is not a book for seasoned server-side developers. It’s for front-end coders who already know markup and CSS with perhaps a smattering of JavaScript. If that sounds like [...]