So I’m moving to Seattle

I just don’t know when or where. Crazy? Mebbe, but I’ve fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest.

I left my heart in Seattle

I’ve just finished a first-time visit to Seattle. I was there for An Event Apart, but spent the weekend there beforehand. We met up with an old acquaintance, and he took us around the Seattle tourists don’t see. It is an extremely versatile, spread out city. Seattle is spread out through lots of hills, terrain, water, water, and green stuff (foliage?).

Here in L.A., we don’t get much o’ the green stuff.

We navigated the town’s crazy roads with confused glee, and hopped from borough to diverse borough. You can see the town change by price bracket. It’s incredible to see the change between Queen Anne and Capitol Hill. But nowhere did it reach the change of, say, Watts to Malibu.

I’m in love with the city near Puget Sound. It’s ~3hrs from Portland and Vancouver. It’s weather is what I dream of from Los Angeles. The coffee is, of course, brilliant. It’s my home, and it’s calling for me.

The Plan

There are a couple of (ideal) scenarios in which this can actually become a reality, and not a pipe dream. As luck would have it, the company I work for has a branch in Seattle. They’ve just moved into some jaw dropping digs, and have available space. They’re aching for an in-house designer, and I’d be happy to oblige. The problem here is convincing the higher-ups that they actually need a designer, and to send me up there. Their production manager is also quite a handful, so it would be a task to work for her.

The other option is to try to find employment in Seattle, and that has caveats. Besides actually finding one, I’m mid-redesign on a few of my parent company’s websites, so it’s not really an ideal time to start sending out resumes. This means waiting a few months (argh!) before attempting a resume-binge. On the other hand, if I tip my hand early and let the company know I’m serious of the move, there could be reprecussions.

So, lots to think about, lots to finagle. Should be a fun goal. I’ll keep you posted. I'm moving to Seattledigg:So I'm moving to Seattle

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